• Together we can improve their lives
  • Because they need your help
  • Do not let them down.

Asadu Amagu humanitarian Foundation

The rate of poverty across marginalized communities brought about the birth of Asadu Amagu humanitarian Foundation.
Imagine what our world will be like if all Children are given proper care, education and shown parental love.

AAHF seeks to meet the needs of this vulnerable children by giving them the parental support and care they lack, with an ultimate aim of transforming our society and world..

A Few Words About Us

We hope to Become the Leading, Hopeful and Legitimate Organization that could be Accessible and Easily Located by the Most Vulnerable Children in the Society in View of their Values and Quality of life.

Our Mission

Enhancing the values and quality of life for the most vulnerable children through restoring their hope and resisting their challenges in the aspects of Medical Care, Quality Education, Nutrition, Shelter and Protection against Abuse in the Society..

Support Us

When you support us you are helping to build stronger systems that will provide for the less priviledge.Giving back is as simple as one donation, one moment. You can change the tomorrow of someone less-fortunate

our causes

To offer Generically humanitarian services to the poor, windows, victims and orphaned children in the society

Homeless People

By helping to take a child off the street, you are in no small measure making the world a better place.

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Feeding The Hungry

There are many children dying of hunger, sickness and lack of care... lets give them a better future

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Health & Development

Lets join hands together to create a prosperous future for the most vulnerable in our society.

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Child Education

The Future of our nation depends of the quality of her citizens, these children are our future.

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